Benefits of Hydroponic Food Production

Hydroponics and Environmental & Health issues

  • Pesticide free products through biological pest control.
  • Nutrient solutions may be re-used in other areas such as potted plants and turf management.
  • Growing mediums can be re-used and recycled.
  • Hydroponic systems use little or no growing medium.
  • More intense cropping technique requires less space.
  • Non-arable land may easily be facilitated.
  • Year round crop production in Canada reduces transportation of imports and therefore associated solution e.g. fossil fuels.
  • Promotes an overall awareness of our environment.
  • Closed recirculating systems allow the grower control of the nutrient solution and therefore exactly what nutrients the plants receive.
  • Varying nutrient formulas to suit different plants at different stages.
  • Regular nutrient testing ensures all elements are present in their desired concentrations. Unwanted build ups of undesirable nutrient concentrations, such as nitrites, can be avoided.
  • Hydroponic plants are more pest resistant.
  • Control over environmental factors translates to a nutritionally superior, vegetable product.
  • Vine ripened, Canadian grown produce eliminates consumption of artificial ripening agents and pesticides used on imported produce.
  • Vine ripened, Canadian grown produce tastes superior and is nutritionally sound.


Hydroponics and Economical and Social issues

  • Canadian business stimulates Canadian economy for growers, manufacturers of their supplies, as well as distribution, wholesale and retail outlets.
  • Opens up positions for job training and employment.
  • Satisfies consumer demand.