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Color Pictures of Mineral Deficiencies in Plants




Super Veg A & B –   All essential trace elements (micros) are included  for lush vegetative growth. Super Veg A & B is pH balanced to achieve 6.0 to 6.5, with little to no pH up/down required. When ordering, order both A & B.Super Bloom A & B –  Delivers an instant source of nutrient uptake, as well as the proper trace elemts (micros) to gain large, multiple blooms.  pH balanced, will not burn plants and will increase yields dramatically.  When ordering, order both A & B.




An awesome combination when added to most nutrient solutions.  Dutch scientists, after measured analysis and research, have  isolated and distilled an enzyme that promotes rapid plant cell division and increased cell wall thickness.  While many nutrient supplements have made various claims of increased yields and flavor enhancement, B-CUZZ delivers !

  • Totally organic
  • Totally clean for hydroponic applications
  • Descriptive brochure with directions included with each order.



dynagrownuts1Dynagro is a one part formula containing all macro, micro and trace elementsGrow – Grow is a mixture made for the vegetative growth stage.

Bloom – Bloom is a mixture made for the flowering stage.




genhynut1General Hydroponics The Flora series is a three part nutrient formula.  All three are mixed in varying proportions to suit plant variety and growth stages.  Recipes are on bottles.  General Hydroponics recommends a 3-2-1 ratio for aggressive plant growth.  In the vegetative stage, a mix of 3 teaspoons Grow, 2 teaspoons Micro, 1 teaspoon Bloom per gallon of water and in the flowering stage, 3 teaspoons Bloom, 2 teaspoons Micro and 1 teaspoon Grow per gallon of water are recommended.




In rockwool and hydroponics, it is important to know the quality of your water. In case of doubt, please refer to your closest retailer or contact us directly, we will be happy to help you. For your cuttings and for smaller containers like our WaterFarm, it is a good idea to mix 1/2 tap water and 1/2 demineralized or rain water.A RULE OF THUMB FAVORED BY OUR MORE EXPERIENCED CUSTOMERS IS THE «1-2-3» FORMULA FOR FAST GROWING ANNUALS.

FloraMicro FloraBloom
Seedlings and Cuttings 2 2 2
Vegetative stage 3 2 1
Flowering stage 1 2 3

These are proportions for each nutrient.
Although there are lots of different recipes, we suggest that the EC recommendations to follow be:

Seedlings and Cuttings
0.3 à 0.5 (250 à 350 PPM)
Vegetative stage
1.2 à 1.8 (750 à 1150 PPM)
Flowering stage
0.9 à 1.3 (700 à 950 PPM)

These ranges are for water culture. Slightly increase concentration in rockwool. In soil, use only 1/4 of that strength to apply every other watering. Before mixing, adjust your water to a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Readjust after mixing if needed.

Easy Measurement :
Use a syringe or the cap of your 1-liter bottles
For 2 liters of pure water : 1ml FloraGro + 2ml FloraMicro + 3ml FloraBloom = 1.00 EC
OR : 1 full cap=10 ml
For 20 liters of pure water : 1 cap Gro + 2 caps Micro + 3 caps Bloom = 1.00 EC




onepart1One Part™ Bio Active Nutrient has been on our mind for a long time.
To answer a growing demand, we wanted a one part nutrient that would not be just another one part fertilizer, but a product that would be up to General Hydroponics’ customary high standards: user-friendly, comprehensive, and highly efficient.
At the same time, we wanted it to enhance active principles in plants, specially medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants and herbs.



For 10 L of water Total Gro Total Bloom EC

Cuttings and seedlings

Or mix Total Gro and
Total Bloom together
7 à 10 ml5 ml TG
+ 5 ml TB

0.3 à 0.5
0.3 à 0.5
Vegetative stage 40 à 50 ml 0 1.2 à 1.8
Flowering and fruiting 0 80 ml 1.2 à 1.8
Foliar spray (vegetative) 7 à 10 ml 0 0.3 à 0.5
Foliar spray (flowering) 0 15 ml 0.3 à 0.5

Same proportions as in hard water.
Add any source of ordinary calcium (Gypsum, Plaster of Paris, chalk powder, etc…) to your solution in the proportion of 4 g/ 10 Liters.

  • Before mixing, adjust your water to a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Verify your pH level regularly
  • These proportions are for hydroponics. For all substrates (clay pebbles, rockwool, coconut fiber, etc…). In soil, use ¼ strength, and apply every watering.
  • When needed, add plain water with adjusted pH, to avoid salt build-up.
  • Last days: add water with adjusted pH, without fertilizers
  • Notice: During transition between growing and flowering, simply replace Total Gro with Total Bloom, without changing the solution.




Growrite™ and Budrite™ is a two part inorganic nutrient which was developed ten years ago in Holland and have developed nutrients01through this time with the latest technology in plant nutrition. Growrite and Budrite are “crop specific” and have been formulated with the highest quality salts and trace elements and fully chelate trace elements. During the manufacturing stages these nutrients are subject to strict quality control to ensure quality and product uniformity.Growrite™ and Budrite™ nutrients are fully dissolved (no sediment or precipitation) and therefore the only nutrient on the Australian market to achieve this. These nutrients are also by far the most concentrated hydroponic nutrient on the market. Growrite™ and Budrite™ nutrients are verly economically priced and they have comprehensive and easy to follow instructions .Growrite™ and Budrite™ are registered trademarks.

Nutrient Analysis
Total Nitrogen 6.74
Phosphorus as water soluble 3.49
Total Potassium 10.39
Calcium 3.82
Magnesium 0.86
Sulphur 1.12
Iron 0.0274
Boron 0.1541
Manganese 0.3281
Zinc 0.0389
Copper 0.0339
Molybdenum 0.0167
Nutrient Analysis
Total Nitrogen 4.15
Phosphorus as water soluble 5.46
Total Potassium 12.00
Calcium 3.82
Magnesium 1.10
Sulphur 1.44
Iron 0.0274
Boron 0.1541
Manganese 0.3281
Zinc 0.0389
Copper 0.0339
Molybdenum 0.0167






bigbloom1A carefully selected blend of 100% organic fertilizers formulated to promote strong, extra-large, multiple blooms along with sweeter fruit and thick seed pods. An environmentally friendly mix of premium select grades of worm castings and bat guano, Big Bloom is a potent, fast-acting source of nutrients for both plants and soil. Offers a balanced element mix of .08-3.0-1.0 for indoor or outdoor potted plants, roses, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, berries, flowering shrubs, fuchsia, African violets, orchids, gardenias, hibiscus, ornamental flowering trees, azaleas, rhododendron, annuals and perennials. A liquid concentrate which is mixed 4 tablespoons per gallon.




aquagrow1Derived from Ammonium Phosphate, Ammonium, Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, Boric Acid, Cobalt Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Iron EDTA, Ammonium Molybdate, Zinc Sulfate, Chelating Agent – Tetrasodium Ethyl.


Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)
7.1% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
12.9% Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)
Soluble Potash (K2O)
Calcium (Ca)
Magnesium (Mg)
Sulfur (S)
Boron (B)
Cobalt (Co)
Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe) 0.20% chelated
Manganese (Mn) 0.05% chelated
Molybdenum (Mo)
Zinc (Zn)



ecodry1Eco’s formulas are buffered and pH adjusted and contain the appropriate amounts off all major and trace elements known to be required by plants. EcoGrow is a highly concentrated formula balanced for the growth stages of most plants. EcoBloom is a low-nitrogen, high-phosphorous mix to slow vegetative growth and promote flower and fruit production. Both formulas contain ample amounts of nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements to keep plants healthy and vigorous throughout their life cycle.

The Genesis Formula has been provided for you by the same people who have been bringing you quality products to this industry for over a decade, these products have demonstrated our ability to design the types of systems you need to make your business of greenair1hobby easier, more profitable and more fun. Our products have, and will continue to reflect the finest of today’s technologies. “The Genesis Formula” is no exception. Our chemists and horticultural staff have spent years in the lab and greenhouses coordinating their efforts to formulate the most complete feeding program available today. “The Genesis Formula” is innovative in it’s design and composition providing the most versatile nutrient package on the market. The four part system allows flexibility to construct nutrient blends to meet the nutritional requirements of any crop in any stage of growth.

superthriveA classic vitamin-hormone supplement, Superthrive has been used for decades. Its consistent results as a plant stimulant and tonic are famous. Of all the products that you will find on this site, none come more highly recommended then Super Thrive. I began using it over 25 years ago, and I consider it as necessary to successful bonsai cultivation as tools or pottery. One drop per gallon will help revive an ailing bonsai, increase growth and give more, longer lasting blooms. When you repot or root prune a bonsai, eight to ten drops per gallon used for a 15 minute soak will dramatically reduce transplant shock and losses. It also works wonders on house plants.


diamond_blackFrom the richest source of agronomically effective and organically certified plant active humates. It is known that humates work best when applied continuously during the growing season. Diamond Black is the only granular Leonardite proven soluble during a single season. Humates released into the plant’s environment regulate the flow and enhance the transport of nutrients. Blend with rooting media, Diamond Black will slowly break down adding humates to the root environment. This is a pure mined material and meets all organic standards for crop production.Diamond Black is a unique form of Leonardite containing an exceptionally high percentage of beneficial plant active organic humic and fulvic acids. Diamond Black is rich in organic substances beneficial to plant growth and affords growers the advantages of natural organic matter in a highly available and easy to use form.

  • Hundreds of University studies have proven Humates increase plant growth and yield.
  • Increases the availability and uptake of plant minerals and nutrients.
  • Derived from the only Leonardite source with proven solubility.
  • Meets guidelines for organic production.

Diamond Black can be applied to all cultivated plants including fruits, flowers, vegetables, trees, vines and ornamentals. Use in soil, potting mixes, soilless rooting media and hydroponics.

Directions for use


Mix with hydroponic or conventional growing media such as potting mixes, soil, coconut fiber (CocoTekä), clay pebbles (GroRoxÒ), rockwool or Perlite. Blend at a rate of 15030 grams per liter media (2-4oz per gal).